The Best Ways to Motivate Your Team

Do you have underperforming employees or collaborators? Try these methods to motivate them and boost productivity.

Not everyone’s a motivational speaker. And out of those who choose that profession, only a small percentage can truly change people’s minds.

But you don’t have to become a motivational speaker to motivate your team. You don’t even have to hire one to do it for you.

A few simple tricks can help you turn things around at the office.

#1. Show Respect

People that don’t respect you won’t work hard for you. But being a top expert in your field or a business owner isn’t always enough.

Respect is something you have to earn and reciprocate. If you treat your team members as individuals, you can earn their respect.

Acknowledge that everyone has different needs. Show respect and flexibility in your approach and you can earn their respect in return.

Once they like you and become loyal to you or the company, they’ll want to work harder, too.

#2. Offer Feedback

Sometimes, people lack motivation for lack of knowledge. They don’t know if they should push harder because they don’t get feedback.

No feedback doesn’t always mean a job well done. So offer feedback more often to motivate your team.

#3. Celebrate Accomplishments

People crave recognition for their accomplishments. Make it a part of the company culture to acknowledge the successes.

It’s a sure way to hire up your people and get them motivated to do their best.

#4. Encourage Collaboration

Sometimes you may have to encourage your team members to work with each other. Set up collaboration projects and invite input from different departments.

Most of all, encourage social interaction to make the workplace a more pleasant environment.

#6. Merit-Based Compensations

Financial motivators are always effective, but often only to an extent. So you may want to revisit the company’s compensation structure. That is, if you even have one.

It’s better to adopt a merit-based reward system that shows appreciation for the hardest workers. It will make your people more motivated and productive.

#7. Invite Competition

Over and beyond collaboration, what can motivate some people is a little friendly competition. If you can’t afford to offer financial rewards to the top performers, do something else.

Acknowledge your best team members every week or month. Put up a chart in the office that clearly illustrates who’s on top of their game.

#8. Set Clear Goals

Here’s another reason why some of your team members may not be pulling their weight:

They don’t have a clear target or goal to work towards.

The clarity of your demands is often critical.

People need to know that they have to complete a specific task by a set deadline. It’s a more powerful motivator than you might think, and it doesn’t cost a penny.

#9. Promote More from Within the Company

One of the best ways to motivate your people is to show that there’s room for growth.

You have to let your people know that they’re not slaving away in dead-end positions. And if you promote internally, it lets them know that you’re not always on the prowl for outside talent.

It can motivate your people to show their true value and exceed expectations.

It All Comes Down to Valuing Your People

The little things count when they come from a good place. Show your people that you value them, don’t just think it.

Offer feedback, respect, and incentives for your team to want to do better. Once they do, everyone benefits from it.

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