6 essential elements for running a successful landscape gardening business

What does it take to run a profitable and successful landscape gardening business? Do you think your business is profitable and successful, or are there improvements that could be made to your business before you can make this claim and what are they?

I believe there are six elements which must be performed simultaneously to a high standard for a business to be both profitable and successful. We are going to identify and investigate these elements below:

1st Element – Marketing
How are your potential customers going to hear about your business and be interested in what you do? In a crowded marketplace, you must stand out from the crowd. How is your business different from your competitors? What are the core values of your business and how could you portray them to potential customers to try to connect with them on a deeper level?

2nd Element – Pricing
Pricing a job well is the difference between your business making a profit or a loss. This is a skill that is honed over time and with experience. The quicker you can nail this element, the quicker your business will turn a profit. Top tip – when pricing a job, always take into account the business overheads and your own income.

3rd Element – Sales
When you have the opportunity to present your services to potential clients, how often do you win the job? Do you track your conversation rate? Where do your best leads come from? The more information you have about good potential customers, the easier it will be to sell to them.

4th Element – Resources
In part, this element could be out of your control. The availability of materials and skilled workers can sometimes hinder this element. Comparing the best prices of materials is time-consuming but can help to reduce the costs of a job. Think about how you could become attractive as a potential employer and then keep good employees happy when they’re on board.

5th Element – Profit
The profit of the business will be higher if the jobs are priced well, and the costs are kept to a minimum. The profitability should be checked regularly to ensure the business is being steered towards its goals.

6th Element – Cash flow
It’s always beneficial to keep your cash flow as healthy as possible in your business. To do this you just need to follow some simple processes:
• Raise the sales invoices immediately when they are due to be raised or when the work is finished
• Reduce the due date if possible (I recommend 7 days or less)
• Chase the payment of an invoice if it hasn’t been paid by its due date and be persistent

When aligned, these six elements will help to create a business that you dreamed of when you first started out. If you think there is room for improvement, look at the elements above and think about where the possible gaps need to be plugged. This will help you turn your business from a good business to a great business!

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