How to track your employee productivity

With the current cost of living crisis, it is important now more than ever for businesses to become more efficient. Ensuring that employees are working at a satisfactory productivity level, and even trying to increase that level, will help greatly. If you are in the process of growing the business, tracking productivity should be your top priority.

What is productivity tracking?

Productivity tracking is the process of capturing and analysing the work of employees on a day-to-day basis. The purpose is to identify patterns, reveal problems that slow down productivity, and look for opportunities for improvement. By looking at this data, you can achieve greater productivity and efficiency by producing solutions to these problems. You can create a culture of continuous improvement by monitoring productivity, implementing changes, and continuing to track productivity.

How to track productivity

There are many ways to record productivity, including printed templates for employees to hand write their tasks, using a spreadsheet, or one of the many timesheet apps on the market.  Above all, business owners should choose a method which employees will use consistently and accurately. If work is not recorded accurately, the data will be distorted and therefore recording productivity is a wasted opportunity.

The benefits of using a timesheet app

A timesheet app can be used as a management tool to establish goals, assign and monitor tasks, track projects, set budgets and run reports to analyse the tracked time.  The app can be downloaded to a smart phone or used on a desktop and when set up, it is easy for employees to complete and keep updated when changes are made.

The belief that businesses only monitor employees’ productivity to uncover their mistakes is wrong.  Tracking software can provide an opportunity for employee recognition and allows business owners to appreciate good performance in real-time. Employee productivity can be boosted when they know they are being monitored.  It all comes down to how the app is introduced in the first instance and the trust between the business owner and the employees.  There is a difference between monitoring and surveillance!

Productivity monitoring software can help businesses to grow faster and efficiently. It can improve employee productivity and therefore improve the performance of the overall business.

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