Our Story

Sones Accountancy Services was founded in 2013 by Kim Sones.  Kim wanted to establish an accountancy practice which delivers a professional service with a personal approach.  Today, these are the core values still at the heart of the business.

Over the years, close working relationships have been developed with our clients. There is nothing better than getting to know them and their business so we can understand how we can add value and make their lives as easy as possible.

Our team pride themselves on communicating with clients in a clear and straight forward way, without the use of jargon!  Our clients feel comfortable to contact us when they need to for sound accounting advice and guidance.  They have complete trust in us.

Each business is different and has its own challenges.  However, we believe all small companies and sole traders would benefit from our tried and tested formula which results in a clients’ ‘books’ being kept up to date and financial data ready to use to support business decisions.

We’re here to make things simple!

Our Vision

We simplify business finance and advocate the importance of knowing numbers.

Our Values


Dedicated to providing our clients with a forward thinking approach to managing their financial records, we prioritise exceptional accuracy. Recognising that these records constitute the very foundation of their business, our passion lies in demonstrating to clients that a comprehensive understanding of their numbers is the linchpin for achieving sustained growth and enduring success.


We are committed to nurturing robust, positive business connections with our clients. We consistently engage in open communication to stay updated on developments within their business, ensuring we have all the necessary information. Our clients entrust us with confidence, knowing that the tasks we undertake are executed promptly and to the highest standards.


Central to our values is an unwavering commitment to accuracy.  We prioritise meticulous bookkeeping and accountancy, forming the crucial foundation for our clients' businesses.  The figures derived from these processes are integral to precise tax calculations reported to HMRC.


Our commitment to integrity is reflected in our selective approach to client partnerships, choosing those that align with our values and where we can truly contribute.  We uphold transparency by clearly articulating both our actions and methodologies, fostering trust and openness in every aspect of our business.


Innovation is ingrained in our ethos as we continually seek to embrace new software, processes and services. This commitment is driven by our desire to enhance the value we offer to clients, foster business development, and optimise operational efficiency.

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