The Benefits of a Business Credit Card

Why you should use a business credit card

When considering financing for your small business, you may be unsure about the benefits of using a business credit card over a personal one. Many small business owners opt for a personal credit card over a business one because business credit cards often involve a much higher fee which may be off-putting to those on […]

How Cloud Accounting Can Help Your Small Business to Grow

Pretty much everything is stored in the cloud these days: your photos, your credit card details and even your step count – so why not your accounting, too? Accounting software can free up a significant chunk of your time and help you keep more accurate financial records, both of which represent big wins for your […]

6 Ways to Boost Profitability for Your Small Business

Every small business owner would like to boost their profits, but it’s easier said than done. In fact, research by SmallBizTrends found that only 40% of small businesses are actually profitable. However, by changing your practices, you can increase your margins to ensure that your business not only stays afloat, but has the means to […]

6 Steps to Take If Your Landscape Gardening Business is Running Out of Money

It’s always worrying when you notice that your Landscape Gardening business’ bank account is running low. Whether you’re scaling up or simply going through a quiet period, negative cash flow can take a significant toll on the financial health of your business. Hard times don’t have to spell the end for your enterprise, however. It’s […]

4 Effective Ways to Accelerate the Growth of Your Landscape Gardening Business

Growing your Landscape Gardening business is incredibly exciting, but it’s often a nerve-wracking experience at the same time. Growth requires you to invest a significant amount of time and money, and it can take a while before you begin to reap the rewards. This article contains powerful tips to accelerate the growth of your Landscape […]

Four Ways to Reduce Costs and Boost Your Profitability

Not sure why your bottom line isn’t pretty? Sometimes, overspending can hurt your profitability despite your record sales. Profitability doesn’t only come from sales numbers. And a profitable business isn’t always the one with the most customers and the highest sales. The sign of a profitable business depends on what’s left in the account at […]

7 Warning Signs Your Business is in Financial Distress 

 It’s always a shock to see a seemingly successful company go under, but this doesn’t just happen out of the blue. There are always warning signs, and the survival of your business relies on you being able to recognise them. The sooner you can spot financial trouble, the sooner you can start working on a […]

5 Simple Ways to Recession-Proof Your Small Business

You never quite know when a recession is going to hit and it’s worse if it comes as a shock. Many businesses failed to prepare for the economic impact of the covid-19 pandemic and subsequently went under as the global economy began to shrink. As is often the case, small businesses felt the biggest impact, […]

4 Reasons to Digitise Your Small Business ASAP

In the past, digitising a business was an expensive and time-consuming process but today it’s not only easier, it’s practically mandatory if you want to see your business achieve success. Technology can streamline working processes, boost employee morale and improve user experience. The amount of digital infrastructure available nowadays means that digitisation is accessible to […]