Our Eco-friendly Promise

At Sones Accountancy Services, we are on an exciting journey to become an eco-friendly accountancy practice!

Paperless Practice

Whilst we have always strived to be a paperless practice, we wanted to roll out virtual accounting software to our bookkeeping clients so they could reap the benefits as busy individuals, and we could take a step forward to become more eco-friendly.  We invested in data capture software enabling our clients to upload their receipts and receive invoices via an app on their phone.   This method eradicates the need to print invoices and waster paper, and instead helps in the fight to preserve trees.

Not only is paper not used in our practice, but less paper is used by our clients, thanks to intelligent software which also increases the efficiency of the bookkeeping process.

Less Travel

With the introduction of our virtual software, the need for our clients to travel to us to drop off invoices and receipts is a thing of the past thankfully.

Since the pandemic hit, travel in our business has also reduced thanks to meetings being held virtually via Zoom. Whilst it took some getting used to at first, the benefits will be felt on the environment in the long term. Less travel means a lower carbon footprint.

Our Pledges

The work does not stop there. Becoming an eco-friendlier practice means we are always thinking about improvements we can make to our business and how we operate. Our pledge is to make 12 eco-friendly changes over a 12-month period. Here are those we have made so far:

Carbon Neutral Britain

We are proud to be a part of Carbon Neutral Britain, a carbon offsetting initiative.

Increased Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions in the atmosphere are the biggest cause of global warming on our planet. By planting trees and funding carbon offsetting projects, Carbon Neutral Britain remove and prevent further CO2 emissions around the globe in the most cost effective and impactful way.