Business Awards – Why Bother Applying?

Entering to win a business award is about your business and what you stand for, it’s for the people who work with you and those who would like to, it’s about making new connections and creating opportunities.  So, what else is in it for your business – and why should you put in the effort?

Whilst winning an award will make your business stand out amongst the best, even being nominated or shortlisted is an invaluable way to enhance your business’s reputation with the right people. Having the opportunity to demonstrate your credibility to potential new customers, employees, investors and competitors will set you apart. 

  • Free marketing!

The potential exposure from being nominated, selected as a finalist, or becoming the triumphant winner will help to shine the spotlight on your business and for free! Some businesses that don’t have the benefit of an in-house marketing department can take advantage of raising their profile with the positive PR coverage the awards ceremony brings via local and national media and social media channels.

  • Stand out from your competitors

Entering awards provides a valuable opportunity to define what you and your business stand for. Many business owners start out based on personal experience, but reinforcing your purpose in business can clarify your vision and values.  Doing this, will strengthen your application and may differentiate your business from your competitors.

  • Increase motivation and morale

Entering to win a business award provides the ideal chance to bring the team together to recognise their hard work and achievement in the success of the business overall.  People enjoy the feeling of winning and the pride associated with working with a market-leading business.  

  • Attract new business and reinforcing existing relationships

Awards validate your business and can be the catalyst for attracting new business.  They give potential clients confidence in your business before meeting you and the team.  Increasing sales is a business’s top priority and those businesses which regularly enter and win awards report increased sales and income compared with those which don’t.  Winning automatically makes your business a leader in its sector. 

For existing clients, your achievement reinforces their choice in your business.  They are more likely to remain working with your business if it is perceived to be successful and doing well. 

  • Attract new talent

Business awards can help a business attract the best talent. Everyone wants to work for a winner!  The more awards you win, the better the people you can recruit.

  • Meet industry peers

The award ceremony itself will be full of like-minded people and they provide a great networking opportunity to help advance you and your business.

  • And win or not, the feedback can be invaluable

The feedback you receive from the application you submitted can form a new way to develop your business.  You can take onboard the judges’ comments on what you are doing well and where you need to improve.

There you have it.  Seven benefits of entering business awards and seven is a lucky number so they say!  It’s time to celebrate where you’ve come from and where you’re headed, and to shout loud and proud about it to others!  Best of luck with your award!

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